domenica 9 novembre 2008

Georg Philipp Telemann (Magdeburg 1681 - Hamburg, 1767)

Cantata in A minor for soprano, alto, tenor, bass, viola d'amore, strings and continuo;
2 Arias with viola d'amore in Brockes-Passion, 1716;
Concerto in E major for flute, oboe d'amore, viola d'amore, strings and continuo;
Trio in D major for flute, viola d'amore and bass.
Fearing that the boy’s musical precociousness would lead to a career in music, his mother and her advisers forbade him any further involvement with music and confiscated his musical instruments. Yet Telemann secretively continued to compose and to play on borrowed instruments at night or in secluded places. With the hope that different surroundings would put him on the path towards a more respectable and lucrative career, Telemann was sent in late 1693 or early 1694 to school in Zellerfeld, where he was placed under the guidance of the superintendent, Caspar Calvoer. However, Calvoer, a theologian, historian, mathematician and writer with an interest in musical theory, not only supervised Telemann’s general education but also introduced him to the relationship between music and mathematics;

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