lunedì 16 febbraio 2015

The University of Edinburgh - Musical instruments museum - Bow for viola d'amore


The round, concave pernambuco stick has copper (?) or copper-coloured thread (?) winding and ends in a modern head with an ivory headface with diagonal scratches on the face of the tip. The screw-mechanism, rounded, ebony frog has a metal ferrule with a wooden ferrule wedge, a mother-of-pearl slide, and mother-of-pearl decorative eyes.The ebony button is covered in bone and is octagonal with a rim.Weight: 83.Hair length: 601.Balance point: 269.5.Head height: 30.0.Head width: 13.4.Face length: 29.4.Tip diameter: 8.15.Frog diameter: 10.4 (measured 150 from the end to avoid the winding).Nipple range: 1.7 to 2.2.Period of oscillation: 1.35.Distance from pivot to tail: 74.85.Button length: 15.7.Ferrule width: 13.95.Frog + stick height: 31.7.Frog top length: 52.3.

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