lunedì 16 febbraio 2015

The University of Edinburgh - Musical instruments museum - Viola d'amore

Soundboard of spruce; back, ribs, neck and head of sycamore; fingerboard, tailpiece and tail-gut protector of ebony; pegs and endpin of rosewood. Soundboard jointed in centre, not bookmatched, the grain on the bass side is wider than the treble. Flame sound-holes. Ebony/sycamore/ebony purfling. Varnish has been worn away where the chin rests on the soundboard. Locating holes on the soundboard at the top (plugged) and bottom (unplugged). Arch over soundboard 22mm. Golden colour varnish. Two piece back, deep figure rising from the centre to the edges. Neck length 150; fingerboard length 254, width at nut 36.0, at bottom 52.5.

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